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CAD Services

If paper to CAD conversion isn’t sufficient or if you’re looking for a designer to create a new CAD drawing, Vesco’s parent company, The Straits Company, Inc. has been providing professional design and drafting services since 1962. Here are a few of the services The Straits Company offers:

  • As-built Construction Plans
  • 3D Modeling and Illustrations
  • Patent Drawings
  • Graphic Design
  • Paper to CAD Conversion

Capability One

CAD on-demand services are available to you when you need them most.  Turn us on when you need us, and off when you don’t.  

Capability Two

Avoid costly interviewing, direct and indirect payroll costs, and unemployment rate increases.

Capability Three

Outsourcing will enable the completion of your projects on-time and still stay within your budget.