One of the most amazing and useful tools available today is scanning. Converting paper drawings into a digital format can save time and money in many ways. Here's a list of some of our large format scanner features:

Up to 400 dpi resolution
Scans at a lightning fast inches per second
Save files in many formats including .TIF, .PDF, and .JPG
Adaptive Area Thresholding bleeds out background from old blueprints
Advnaced Copy Logic gets the best possible quality from tricky grayscales

>> Capability 1

One of the most popular uses for scanning is to get hand-drawn originals into a format that can be used in CAD programs like AutoCAD and Visio. This is accomplished by using a raster-to-vector software package to convert scanned images into a .DWG or .DXF format which can then be opened and modified in the same manner as a CAD created drawing. In some cases this process will save hours of re-drawing time.

>> Capability 2

For viewing and indexing purposes, scanning drawings can save numerous wasted hours searching for lost or misfiled drawings. Windows XP and the new Windows Vista are equipped with various image viewing programs, which makes it easier than ever to find the drawing your looking for, even among thousands of different drawings.

>> Capability 3

If you would just simply like to have a back-up copy of all your paper drawings, we can scan your entire stock of in-use or out-of-date drawings. In a compressed .TIF or .PDF format, we can put thousands of drawings on a single CD. Keep a couple CD's in the office and maybe one in a secure location for complete piece of mind from disasters. With an archive of all your paper drawings that can be viewed and printed at any time, you can finally get rid of those bulky flat files that are taking up valuable space.